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In the Dunn Lab, our mission is to reduce the burden of depression and other mental disorders by discovering innovative approaches to prevention.  Given that depression is the third leading cause of disability worldwide and is projected to be the leading cause by 2030, there’s no time better than now for us to be doing this work. 

Want to help us achieve our mission and rid the world of depression? 

There are many ways you can help.

  • You can make a secure donation to the Massachusetts General Hospital. Your donation will be used to support our current studies and the salaries of our interdisciplinary team of motivated researchers. It will also help us collect data and generate early results that will allow us to compete for larger grant applications. Contributions of all sizes are welcome.

  • You can collaborate with us or work with us.

  • You can also help us get the word about our work, by sharing information about us via social media.

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